Leona Frank at Art Studio, Weir Farm National Historic Site (U.S.  National Park Service), Wilton, CT

My painting is a search for the beauty in ordinary objects. My objective is to express a joyful emotional response to the subject matter, rather than merely copy what is before me.

After many years of exploring dynamic movement and color in bold still life, I have applied the same energy and style to my recent series of paintings called Flowerscapes. My initial Flowerscapes focus on the insistent and vibrant wildflowers I observed at Outer Island of Connecticut’s Thimble Islands, and at Weir Farm, National Historic Site in Wilton, Connecticut, where I was honored to be selected as an Artist-in-Residence. The large scale enables the viewer to enter each flower in order to experience its graceful and surprising topography. I hope viewers will appreciate the complicated twists and turns of flower petals, and feel a sense of movement in the flowers.

I am also interested in waterscapes that are close to home. Compo Beach, in Westport, provides inspiration and offers me the opportunity to continue to make light and shadow an important element in my paintings. There is no doubt that the light plays a significant role in my depiction of flowers and waterscapes, and it has become clear to me that the actual subject of these paintings is literally the light. My goal is to capture the enduring spirit of the natural world.

”With her color-soaked arrangements of vegetables, fruits and hand-painted ceramics, Frank connects to Matisse’s luscious palette and Bonnard’s graceful rhythms, while establishing her own eloquent visual harmonies.” — Dr. Philip Eliasoph, Professor of Art History, Fairfield University