L  E  O  N  A     F  R  A  N  K


L  E  O  N  A     F  R  A  N  K


Copyright Leona Frank 2010.   All Rights Reserved

The challenge I have established in my paintings is to integrate bold color and design to create movement and visual excitement within the format of the static square canvas.

“With her color-soaked arrangements of vegetables, fruits and

hand-painted ceramics, Frank connects to Matisse’s luscious

palette and Bonnard’s graceful rhythms, while establishing

her own eloquent visual harmonies.”


-  Dr. Philip Eliasoph

Professor of Art History

Fairfield University

The overhead point of view allows organic

two-dimensional patterns to lead the viewer into the canvas and around three-dimensional weighty objects.  My work is a joyful celebration of the beauty of everyday life.